Care and recommendations you should take with your luggage

In this article we will give you some tips and recommendations so that your suitcases are durable and will accompany you for many trips.

Know and take care of your suitcase very well
In the same way that we take care of our clothes and shoes it is important that we know our luggage very well, knowing the material with which it is made allows you to know what is the best option when cleaning and using your suitcase. Use organizers inside the suitcase to avoid spills.

Take care of the wheels
The wheels are a fundamental part of all luggage, and proper use can make these do not deteriorate easily. Remember that if a suitcase is designed with eight or four wheels is so you can roll it using all at the same time, it is also important that after using your suitcase clean and remove all debris that may have acquired when dragging it.

Do not saturate your suitcases
At explora we offer suitcases in different sizes, each one of them is designed to support a certain amount of weight and volume; that is why it is important that at the moment of packing, try not to saturate your suitcases too much and exert pressure that may damage the zippers or seams. If possible, carry the heaviest items inside near the wheels so that it can carry gravity downwards.

Store your suitcases correctly
Keeping your suitcase dirty after a trip can cause it to deteriorate more easily, retain bad odors and accumulate fungi and bacteria, it is recommended that after each trip you vacuum the inside of the suitcase and you can pass a damp cloth carefully cleaning the outside. If it has any kind of humidity, it is important that you dry it first before storing it.

Finally, enjoy your next trip with a clean and durable suitcase!

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