How to Pack Your Luggage for Flight Travel – Complete Guide

Packing your bags and almost ready to head off to an international destination? Now might be the exact right time to know how to pack your luggage better for flight travel. You must have created a huge checklist by now, which includes the places to see, the things to experience, the food to eat, etc. But hold up! Take a breather and look at your luggage. Do you have all the electronics that you will need? Have you accounted for the laws in the country you will be visiting?

In this blog, we will take you on a journey of how to pack your luggage for an international trip. Tighten your seat belts.

Check travel rules of the country you are visiting 

Checking the travel guidelines of the country you are heading for should always be at the top of your mind. In fact, it is pointless to secure all your devices if they are not allowed through the security gates at the end of the day, right? 

The Federal Aviation Administration (a governing body in the USA) states that you cannot carry lithium-ion batteries with you in the in-flight cargo. Therefore, if you have packed a power bank in your luggage and you’re visiting the United States, then it is time to remove it. Also, it never hurts to double-check the rules and restrictions of your destination country.

Always pack your essential electronics

It is a natural tendency and rather quite easy to overpack for your two-week-long trip to an exotic location. But take a step back and think if it is really necessary to carry that iPad with you when you are already carrying your laptop. To understand how to pack your essential electronics, have a look at your travel itinerary. Pack everything that you will absolutely need and nothing that may add to your luggage. 

Here are some essential electronics that you should keep with you on your trips: an extra charger, USB type-A to USB type-C cables, a universal power adaptor to power your devices, a surge protector and more.

Put your electronics into your carry-on luggage

It is always a good idea to carry all your electronics with you, in the carry-on luggage. Since the USA does not allow you to keep power banks in the cargo, you will have to keep one in your cabin baggage. Now, to accommodate these things, make sure that you have a spacious bag with you. 

Moreover, keeping these electronics with you also means that they are less likely to be stolen or go missing. If you have a lot of electronics to carry, then invest in a duffel bag. Also, remember to roll up the cables of these devices into neat circles, so that they do not end up getting tangled.

Secure your electronics before leaving

Everyone has a password-protected phone these days. But will it simply be enough? Here are some things that you should keep in mind:

  • Activate tracking technologies, such as Find My Phone in Android and a similar feature in Apple devices
  • Check the voltage requirements and carry the right adapters with you (this is especially important for those are travelling to the United States of America)
  • Cushion your devices into the luggage 
  • Apply a hard and heavy-duty case on your smartphone if you haven’t, already

Activate International Roaming Plans

Now that your bag is all packed and the electronics are ready, there is one key aspect that you have still not thought about – international roaming. Yes, one might say that they will rely on local SIM cards when they reach their destination. 

But is that really a wise idea? Traditionally, local SIM card users have long gone through some of the problems:

  • You have to provide your visa, passport, and other documents to an unknown person to get a SIM card
  • Many international tourists are unsure about their local SIM card plans and often get overcharged
  • No clearly outlined benefits or features of the local SIM
  • You will have a completely different phone number that you have to share with friends and family back home
  • Not to mention the huge queues for local SIMs that you will find at the airports 

You can escape from all this with a simple solution and that is an international roaming plan. These plans are tailor-made to suit your needs in an international country. Airtel offers the best of international roaming plans, with plenty of voice and data benefits, cheaper plans for long-term users, round-the-clock customer care, easy management of prepaid/postpaid plans via the Airtel Thanks app and much more.

Enjoy the benefits of Airtel’s international roaming plans, keep your original phone number, and have a great trip! Download the Airtel Thanks payments app and get your new roaming plan today!

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