Wego shares travel tips for the best family holidays

Wego, a leading online travel marketplace in the region, said that planning a trip can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to family vacations, offering the best travel tips to plan family holidays.

These responsibilities easily double when you are traveling as a family. From selecting the perfect destination to comfortable accommodations and activities for everyone; it is not an easy task, but with Wego, planning family trips feels less stressful.

Users can search for the top family-friendly destinations under the “Trip Ideas” section of Wego. The travel advisory feature that Wego provides also allows travellers to get all the necessary information on the places they wanted to visit, including COVID requirements and weather conditions.

In addition, the platform offers the best flights based on families’ budget and schedule, allowing them to compare the airfares, dates and availability of flights from the UAE, and assess a range of family-friendly airlines listed on Wego.

One of the top airlines that offer many services for families is Emirates airlines. It provides complimentary prams and family check-in desks at Dubai International Airport, along with dedicated ground staff and cabin crew trained to assist families.

Etihad also offers perks for those traveling with children. This includes the Little VIP campaign, which provides families with dedicated check-in desks and priority boarding, along with complimentary bassinet seats and an additional baggage allowance that includes a 10 kg checked bag and a 5 kg cabin bag.

Be it Qatar Airways, Lufthansa, Gulf Air, Saudia, Qantas and other family-friendly air carriers, Wego helps easily book the right type of trip for families.

In addition, users can benefit from Wego’s blog which provides users with plenty of information on visas and destination ideas and helps compile the requirements to prepare and decide the right timeline for trips, taking into consideration school holidays and drawing up an itinerary full of activities and experiences that would keep the family entertained throughout the trip

Taken from: http://tradearabia.com

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